Hi everyone!

The long awaited update is here! Some things that have been making playing the game difficult have been improved and also a bit of new content added. Let us get into it~

Enemies shake when taking damage now

Visual indicator showing you hit the right color - when you do, the enemy shakes for a split second.

Improved negotiations

Negotiations have been a burden to many so we revised the options a little bit. Now it should be easier to differentiate between green and blue.

Minor bug fixes and additions

  • story illustrations ratio has been fixed so it does not end up in an ugly strech
  • final boss lets you know when you lose health and Infinitum is exchanged for it
  • other minor fixes :)

New soundtrack piece

Just talk to the pumpkin ;)

New dialogue in Chapter 3

The awkward gap after Aimer's boss fight has been replaced with new dialogue and having you walk to the dance studio.

The update applies to the browser version only at the moment, due to difficulties with signing the Android version. In short, I forgot the keystore password and things are not looking very bright for the Android version right now. I hope to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


BTS-LD_WebGL 1.1.zip Play in browser
Jun 23, 2019

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